Help Transform Hearts, Homes and Society through the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart

Discover how to unleash new graces, blessings, and personal renewal resulting in global impact

Wow, we are so excited to share our First Ever Webcast with you! It was held: Wednesday June 9 • 8 PM EDT

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Featured Presenters:

Bishop Robert Brennan Bishop of the Diocese of Columbus, OH

Kevin O'Brien Director of Men of Christ Conference and a former NFL athlete.

Emily Jaminet Author, Speaker and Director of

Fr. Stash Dailey Pastor of Holy Family Parish and Vicar of Religious for the Columbus, OH

David Bereit Founder of 40 Days for Life and experienced leader

During this webcast, you will discover how the crisis of faith and struggles of family life can be transformed through Devotion to the Sacred Heart. Jesus told us to "expose and honor" His Sacred Heart, and we are certain this powerful practice is the solution for many of the issues in the world. We are going to share inspiring stories of how men and women experienced new graces that led to life transformation.  Join us and learn about ways to experience a SPIRITUAL BREAKTHROUGH and be empowered to assist others to expand the Kingdom of Love.

By attending, you’ll be:

  • Encouraged: how Catholics in almost all 50 states and worldwide are turning to this devotion as a means of hope.
  • Inspired: As pastors and priests see the enthronement of the Sacred Heart as a spiritual tool to spread the faith and provide hope for their congregation.
  • Empowered: As we seek to equip and assist Catholic families welcome Jesus in their home.
  • Enlightened: to how the enthronement is a Powerful Solution to the Faith Crisis in the Church.
  • Impacted: by astounding testimonies of what happens when you welcome Jesus into your home through the Enthronement.
  • Motivated: to spread this message with family and friends,

Thank you for watching!

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