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(This year marks 350 years since the vision of 

Jesus to St. Margaret Mary)

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Discover how to unleash new graces, blessings, and personal renewal! Join us for a night of hope as we journey closer to the heart of Jesus!

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June 6 • 8 PM EST, 2023

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Some of Our Featured Presenters:

 Fr. Nathan Cromly

Father Nathan Cromly is a nationally known speaker, writer, retreat leader, explorer, innovator, educator, and he is totally devoted to Our Lady.

Emily Jaminet

Author, Speaker and Director of WelcomeHisHeart.com and author of, Holy Habits from the Sacred Heart.

 Fr. Joe Laramie, SJ

Priest, National Director of the Apostleship

of Prayer and Author of the award-winning book, Love Him Ever More

 Fr. James Kubicki, SJ

Priest, Former National Director the Apostleship

of Prayer and Author of Rediscovering Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus



Author of Legacy of Mercy and founder of Run the Race Center and Brian Muha Foundation. Rachel is a second mom to many, a mentor to many teens and young adults and a friend to almost everyone she meets. Her story is inspiring!

"Rebuild the Domestic Church through the Heart of Jesus."

During this Gathering:

We want you to learn how the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart is a powerful solution to Catholic families' problems and renewing and restoring the Catholic faith! 


You will discover that 350 years ago, Jesus revealed to St. Margaret Mary His plan to restore society through this life-changing devotion! Learn more about the devotion to the Sacred Heart, and how this devotion has transformed lives and brought renewal to families and institutions.

Attend our Webcast and learn about how this devotion has provided spiritual renewal and stability in the past and helped transform Individual lives, Families, Catholic Schools, Parishes, and workplaces in the times we live in.  

The Sacred Heart Enthronement Network serves both the local community (Columbus, OH) and beyond.

We are saying "yes" to serving as leaders in guiding others to Christ and helping Catholics to have a faith experience in their home, school, workplace, and parish through the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart.

Experience a SPIRITUAL BREAKTHROUGH and be empowered to assist others in expanding the Kingdom of Love through the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Why the Enthronement?

We are confident that now more than ever, Catholics need to experience a spiritual awakening offered through this powerful and holy, life-changing devotion.


What is Enthronement of the Sacred Heart? 

The word enthronement means to install on a throne in recognition of a person's legitimate authority.

Enthronement can easily be defined as when we welcome Jesus into our home, school, church, or business as King, Savior, and Friend. 

Jesus Offers Promises and Keeps His Promises!


The Enthronement of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was approved by the Church in 1907, as a way to fulfill the Promise that Jesus offered to St. Margaret Mary in 1673 - 1675 and help Catholics live out their faith. Our Lord shared many promises regarding devotion to his Sacred Heart, and they have been consolidated into what we now know as the “12 Promises of the Sacred Heart.

One of the Promises shared with St. Margaret Mary Alacoque is: "I will bless every place in which an image of my Heart is exposed and honored.” Jesus invites us to build a Covenant of Love with him and display His image in a prominent place. When Jesus makes a promise, He always keeps it.

We know that Jesus wants to set hearts and homes on fire for the Love of God. We can't do this alone, and we need your help to promote this theme and spread the Sacred Heart devotion as Jesus desires.

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